The Last Men - VOLUME

Photographs by Iago Corazza – Edited Text by Iago Corazza and Greta Ropa

In times when explorers can use mobile devices for calling while they are at the peak of the Himalaya mountain, l’Irian Jaya and Papua New Guinea have remained the only places immune to the “civilisation”: in this part of the world still people almost unknown, most of them are endangered nowadays.“The Last Men” Journey inside the new guinea, (ed. White star-national geographic) is the large size volume in which Iago Corazza has collected these extraordinary pictures taken during the amazing reportage that have conduced him in these far places. In the book are shown the images and the secrets of the three expeditions needed to realise this book, one-of-a-kind work. This experience drives us trough the last pre-historical enclaves, untouched sites where time and nature still at the dawning of humanity. A deep investigation on the daily life and on challenges that these people have to face every day.